Community Update #1: The Fascinating Paving Processes of Solterra Texas Master-Planned Community

June 8, 2023
Author: Chris Spinks

Solterra Texas, a master-planned community located in Mesquite, will be ready for move-in by October 2023. As with all Huffines Master Planned communities, it’s the attention to small details that truly sets the community project apart. Take a moment to watch the paving video in Solterra Texas and you’ll see some construction magic at work!

Road construction is a remarkable blend of science, engineering, and innovation. Road paving timelines can range from a few days for simple resurfacing projects to several months or even years for extensive reconstruction or the construction of major highways, with factors like weather conditions and project complexity adding to the variability. Paving roads that are smooth and well-maintained not only enhances the driving experience but can also contribute to economic growth. Quality road infrastructure has been proven to lower vehicle operating costs, increase fuel efficiency, and improve transportation efficiency.

This paving project was completed by Chris Harp Construction on time and within budget! Chris Harp has an extensive background and expertise, and they always strive to go above and beyond to exceed their client’s expectations and deliver remarkable results. The firm specializes in excavation and concrete paving and has successfully completed residential, commercial, municipal, and even military projects, including airport runway construction.

If you are looking for a new home in a Master Planned community don’t forget to consider Solterra Texas, only 25 miles from Dallas. Check out Solterra Texas website today!