The Promenade

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Open Space

Explore the open space of The Promenade, a central feature of Solterra Texas, where nature and community converge. Wander along beautifully designed walking paths, unwind in cozy lounging areas, and delight in a diverse array of recreational entertainment. Each element of The Promenade is crafted to enhance your outdoor experience, providing a serene escape and inviting immersion in this tranquil setting.


Solterra Texas envisions this area as a vibrant community hub where families, friends, and neighbors can connect with nature and each other, fostering a sense of belonging and enjoyment in this picturesque setting. Thoughtfully designed with numerous walking paths, comfortable lounging areas, and a variety of recreational entertainment options, it serves as the perfect introduction to The Headquarters Amenity Center.

The Promenade in Solterra Texas