At its peak, Lucas Farms held over 4,000 hens, 1,000 fruit trees, 750 pecan trees, and 500 meat and dairy cattle. The farm also had a packing house, poultry farm, dairy farm, ice cream plant, and bakery. Lucas employed over 25 people to run the farm and processing plant.

Lucas Farms was a popular destination for Dallas home cooks, who would drive to the farm to stock their refrigerators and freezers. The farm was also a source of fresh produce and meat for Lucas B&B, the family restaurant that Faithon Lucas opened in downtown Dallas in 1911.

Lucas Farms is a reminder of Dallas’s agricultural heritage. It is also a testament to the vision and determination of Faithon P. Lucas, a man who turned a barren landscape into a thriving farm.

Lucas Farms

Lucas Farms and the Lucas B&B restaurant were important parts of the history of Dallas and Mesquite, Texas. They were pioneers in the farm-to-market movement, and they provided fresh, delicious food to the community for many years. They show the hard work and dedication of the Lucas family and their employees, as well as the beauty and warmth of the farm and restaurant.