Construction Update #7 – Let There Be Light: New Illuminated Areas at Solterra

May 20, 2024
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Author: Chris Spinks

Let There Be Light: New Illuminated Areas at Solterra

We are thrilled to announce that Solterra is shining brighter than ever with the recent addition of lighting in several key areas of our community. These enhancements not only improve safety and visibility but also add a touch of magic to our beautiful surroundings. Here’s a closer look at the newly illuminated spots:

Pedestrian & Vehicle Bridges

The bridges throughout Solterra are now elegantly lit, creating a picturesque scene as they arch gracefully over the water. The lighting enhances their architectural beauty and provides safe passage for residents and visitors during the evening hours. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll or enjoying a nighttime bike ride, the illuminated bridges add a charming ambiance to your journey.

The Lookout Treehouse Park

One of the most whimsical features in Solterra, the treehouse, is now beautifully illuminated, casting a warm and inviting glow. This enchanting spot is perfect for evening adventures and gatherings, offering a unique experience under the canopy of lights.

The Promenade

The promenade, a favorite spot for leisurely walks and social gatherings, is now lit up to extend its usability into the evening hours. The gentle lighting along the path creates a serene and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a peaceful evening walk or a lively chat with neighbors.

Entry Monument off Cartwright Road

As you enter Solterra, you are now greeted by a beautifully illuminated entry sign and rail. These enhancements make a striking first impression, showcasing the community’s elegance and attention to detail. The lights highlight the craftsmanship of the sign and rail, welcoming residents and visitors with a warm glow.

Solterra Lake Water Fountains

Enhancing Community Experience

The addition of these lights not only beautifies our community but also enhances the overall living experience. The illuminated areas offer extended opportunities for outdoor activities, social interactions, and peaceful moments of reflection. We believe these enhancements will greatly benefit our residents by providing a safer, more attractive, and more enjoyable environment.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to develop and improve Solterra, we remain committed to creating a vibrant, welcoming, and safe community for all. Stay tuned for more updates as we bring even more exciting features and enhancements to Solterra.

Thank you for being a part of our bright and beautiful community!